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About Global Approved Fih Approved

Hockey Global Pro is unfilled water based synthetic turf hockey product certified by FIH and complying with Global Hockey standards. It is a high-strength knit-to-knit polyethylene fibre artificial grass system. Hockey Global Pro guarantees great performance with simple and cost-effective maintenance

The play area lines are tufted in and available in different colours, including all green or blue and purple combination mixed with white line markings.

Hockey Global Pro provides the advantage of securing all-year playing under any climatic conditions. Hockey Global Pro ensures perfect controlled bounce, excellent traction on the court, and stable playing surface.

Product Hockey Global Pro (Water Based) FIH Approved
Yarn Polyethylene – Fibrillated
Pile Height 13mm (± 2mm)
Pile Weight 1700 g/m2 (± 10%)
Total Weight 3.000 gr/m2 (±5%)
Gauge 3/16"
Dtex 7.300/1 dtex (±5%)
Number of stitches 34 per 10cm (±5%)
Tuft per M2 71.000 (±5%)
Waterbased-FIH 13mm
Classification FIH Global category
Colour Green OR Blue /Purple - PE – curled

About Water-based Hockey Pitches

Products offered by SPORTINA are top-of-the-line in the hockey range. Every movement made by the player and the ball is perfectly absorbed by the pitch and is translated into outstanding technical playing properties. The pitch is fully irrigated with a layer of water, which guarantees an extremely fast, professional, high-quality game and secures the safety of the players.

The products have been designed in cooperation with professional hockey players in order to generate an extremely fast ball roll. This hockey field allows for a highly technical and fast game. The monofilament grass fibre combined with a lower pile height creates an even and stable playing surface with a very low frictional resistance.

Advantages And Features

  • Water-based pitch (Professional Game)
  • Beautiful Full Colour
  • Perfectly Stable & Flat Playing Surface
  • Consistent Ball Roll
  • Extremely High ball speed with bouncing
  • Minimal ball deviation
  • Low friction coefficient
  • High UV Stability
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • In-house manufacturing (Quality control from A to Z)