Children Safety Tiles

Sportina Safety Tiles
(Indoor & Outdoor)

We M/s. Sportina Exim Pvt. Ltd. one of the leading company in India for installation of all kind of International Standard Synthetic Surfaces on Turnkey basis i.e. including civil construction, Installation of Children Playground Tiles etc. and have completed several playgrounds in Mumbai.

Brand Sportina Safety Tiles (Indoor & Outdoor)
Dimension 500mm x 500mm
Thickness 25 mm or 40 mm (others on request)

*installed Using Imported Glue And Inter-connectors Where Required

  • Sportina Safety Tiles are made from environmental-friendly weather controlled prefabricated SBR rubber safety tiles.
  • Provide a safe walking surface, absorb impact and sound and are fully self-draining.
  • They are soft, warm and comfortable even under bare feet.
  • Most important, they protect children from cuts, scrapes and broken bones.
  • Playground surfacing is water permeable and slip-resistant, thus providing a dry and comfortable play area.
  • They are certified under ISO 9001:2000.
  • The ideal subbase for the SAFETY TILES is mosaic, tiles, cement or asphalt.
  • They give solution for different areas since it can be replaced and be applied again as many times we want.
  • They create a safe, non-slip, easy-to-apply flooring for playgrounds.
  • They have shock absorbency, meeting the European Standards (EN 1177) and they are offered in a variety of colours and thickness.
Sr.No Advantages & Features
1 Reliable, uniform fall protection properties
2 Non-slip
3 Low-priced, economical
4 Long-life, durable, weather resistance
5 Hygienic, low-maintenance, easy to clean
6 Sound-proofing
7 Permeable to water, quick to dry
8 Varied design and application possibilities
9 Environment-friendly
10 Quick to install, quick to remove again
11 Comprehensive pre- and after-sales service

Prefabricated Rubber Safety Tiles

Using our prefabricated rubber tiles is the most common form of safety surfacing for playgrounds and outdoor areas. It is used mainly because of its durability and effectiveness in reducing the risk of injury to a child at play.

It offers a cushioned landing should a child fall from a height and also is kinder to the human body when jumping and running. It is also used because slip resistant and easy to maintain.

Every year, more than 200,000 kids are injured on playgrounds. The most common cause of injuries is from the children falling onto the ground. Making the right choice can make significant difference for the safety of the children playing on it. In the past, playgrounds used to be covered gravel, sand, or wood chips. While these provide a basic level of safety, it wasn’t always enough.

Prefabricated rubber tiles have become the material of choice for many new playgrounds surfaces. It can be used as multipurpose tiles as well.

Our tiles have many advantages compared to other types of playground surface material like rubber granule cast-in-situ with epdm top surface layer which is made at site

  • It is an excellent impact absorbing surface.
  • Depending on the thickness, it provides safest and good protection against injuries caused by falls.
  • Prefabricated Rubber tiles are also highly durable and require minimal maintenance compared to cast-in-situ system i.e. surface made at site with SBR granules, EPDM top layer with binder (pictures shown below) which can easily be torn.
  • Rubber playground surfaces are available in wide range of colour allowing designer to create a vibrant and exciting area for children.
  • These tiles are engineered to provide optimum shock attenuation and slip resistant thereby providing a safer surface. As well as being cost effective, little maintenance is required and they are easily installed.

With our modern technology we have tested and trailed the safety fall heights for children as below

Safety Tiles Critical Fall Height
EN 1177:2008
Critical Fall Height
ASTM F1292:2008
45mm (13/4") 1.3m 3'
50mm (2") 1.7m 5'
65mm (21/2") 2.1m 7'
85mm (31/3") 2.7m 8'
105mm (41/8") 3.3m 11'
  • Resilience, dimensional stability and enduranceare natural characteristics of rubber flooring.
  • Maintenance is minimal.Underfoot comfort is excellent. And, it retains its beauty and lustrefor several years.
  • It’s theideal choice for schools, hospitals, extended care and multi-purpose areas including corridors, gymnasiums, auditoriums, classrooms, patient rooms, theatres, cafeterias and other multi-activity rooms

Disadvantages of cast-in-situ playgrounds – sbr with epdm layer