Gymnasium Flooring

Sportina Platinum Series

Product Compact (in rolls and tiles)
System Prefabricated Rubber Rolls
Texture Stone Texture & Fleck Texture
Roll Width 0.91 m x 1.30 m
Roll Length 6 m – 15 m
Puzzle Tiles Dimension 1 m x 1 m
Thickness 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm (others on request)

About Compact Flooring

Compact Stone & Fleck texture athletic surfaces are designed, engineered and manufactured expressly for the intense training environments found in weight rooms and many heavily trafficked fitness centres. ComPACT’s handsome "stone-like / flecks" surface provides the wear resistance, resilience and durability necessary to withstand repeated impact from the punishing effect of free weights and heavy traffic.

Surface Layer

Special vulcanized rubber, with a stone-like / flecks surface texture, creates an attractive and extremely durable, long-lasting athletic surface that is easy-to-clean and virtually maintenance free.

Base Layer

Compact’s woven texture provides excellent surface resilience, reducing impact damage from weights and training equipment.

Product Pictures

Stone Texture

Flecks Texture

Colours (stone & flecks)

Sportina Gold Series

About Pavisint SL 75

Pavisint SL 75 GYM is a combined flooring system, featuring a very thick rubber mat coated with polyurethane resins that is extremely attractive and durable, and is the ideal choice for indoor gyms, schools, and fitness and wellness centers.

Performance certificates

  • Fire Resistance - class Bfl-s1,
  • Istituto Giordano Class1-
  • Fire Resistance, Improvement of impact sound insulation - UNI EN ISO10140 - 3:2010 / UNI EN ISO 717 - 2:2013 - T.R. no. 313736 - 26/02/2014
Product Pavisint SL 75
System PU (with rubber mat under layer)
Manufacturer Casali Sports Spa, Italy
Colours Green, Blue, Grey, Red, Brown etc.
Application Indoor Gyms, Schools, Fitness and Wellness Centres.

10 mm (7 mm prefabricated rubber mat + 3 mm pu)

Advantages & Features

  • Elastic & Seamless Surface.
  • Slip Resistance
  • Reduces Muscle Fatigue
  • Minimized risk of injuries due to cushion system
  • Homogenous Surface & Uniform surface texture
  • Resistant to ageing and deformation
  • Economical to maintain.
  • Multipurpose Flooring, Versatile Surface
  • Sound and Shock absorbent
  • Multipurpose Flooring
  • Consistent system thickness for controlled performance

Sportina Silver Series

About SBR & EPDM flooring

These products are made of 85% black rubber granules and 15% synthetic EPDM granules. This range of products are combined the Human movement mechanics and characteristics of rubber materials with steady performance and smooth surface flooring made in factory. These kinds of flooring maintain the good resilience and offer the wide customers with safe, comfortable and soft while playing, working and living.

Material SBR with 20% EPDM (more EPDM percentage on request)
System SBR Rolls
Series Sportina Silver Series
Interlocking Tiles Dimensions 500 mm x 500 mm OR 610 mm x 610 mm
Flooring System Rolls & Interlocking tiles
Thickness 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm (others on request)


Fitness centre, leisure centre, club, golf practice court, golf club, ice arena, play field, supermarket, office building, office, meeting room, library, museum, stadium, hospital, school, kindergarten, factory and the fitness flooring in the house

Features & Advantages

  • Rich colours
  • Environmental friendly, non-toxic
  • Recycled, non-pollution | Moderate and adjusted hardness
  • Excellent resilience, wear well
  • Soft, anti-slip, anti-fatigue | Convenient installation and easy maintenance