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Promaxima commercial gym equipment defined.

For over 45 years, ProMAXima has been the preferred fitness equipment manufacturer and supplier for customers in a wide range of markets. We manufacture, supply and install a complete line of commercial fitness equipment for all strength, conditioning, training areas and gyms. With cardio equipment to get your heart rate up and strength equipment to build muscle to cross training equipment and equipment customized for accessibility and even youth -- we offer it all, even the accessories. With a wide range of exercise equipment and brands to fit all price points and spaces, we supply gyms and markets such as hotels, apartments, condos, professional sports teams, government agencies (GSA approved), military bases, universities & high school gyms, health clubs and more. With rigorous manufacturing quality standards, an endless pursuit of innovation, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ProMAXima is a highly regarded name among those who demand peak performance.

ProMaxima was founded in 1967 and is proudly based in Houston, Texas, USA.

  • Celebrating 51 years in business
  • ProMaxima is THE manufacturer
  • Large cost savings
  • Subject matter experts
  • Green manufacturer
  • 137,160 square meters (450,000 sq ft) manufacturing facility
  • Own our shipping and logistic company
  • Global supplier of commercial grade fitness equipment & gym flooring
  • ProMaxima’s business model is straight B2B as we sell direct

ProMaxima is a perfect fit for any market in need of commercial & medical fitness equipment.

ProMaxima  has been the preferred fitness equipment manufacturer and supplier for customers’ in a wide range of markets.

With rigorous manufacturing quality standards, an endless pursuit of innovation, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ProMaxima is a highly regarded name among those who demand peak performance.

What you get from promaxima

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Large selection of cardio & strength lines to fit all needs and budgets
  • Stronger Warranties
  • All strength pieces are manufactured in the USA upon ordering & are fully customizable
  • Heavier cables tested to 2,177.24 KG (4,800 lbs)
  • We only use 7 and 11 gauge steel that’s made in the U.S.A.
  • We only use solid steel weight stacks & solid steel guide rods
  • Seamless upholstery to prevent tearing and cracking
  • MORE….

Promaxima manufacturers

  • Cardiovascular
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Cross-fit Equipment
  • Multi gym stations
  • Accessories




  • Comes standard with full search engines: Google/Yahoo & More
  • 9 mm (18.5”) HDTV touchscreen
  • 15 international languages
  • Virtual reality running paths
  • Personalized music & video
  • 5 HP Motor
  • 0 to 20% incline
  • 80 to 24.94 kph (.5 to 15.5 mph)
  • 26 programs
  • 7 KG (500 lbs) user weight capacity
  • 55 M x 1.62 M (22” x 64”) running surface
  • USB port charging station
  • AluminiumFrame


  • Multiple Language Options
  • Extra-large 381 mm (15”) TV
  • 25 levels of resistance
  • 16 programs
  • USB charging station
  • Rear fly wheel
  • 4 KG (400 lbs) max user weight
  • Multi grip heart rate monitors
  • Bio Stride – true natural stride

Recumbent & upright bikes

Upright Bike

  • Fingertip controls
  • Telescoping
  • Gas assisted seat adjustment
  • Elbow pads

Recumbent Bike

  • Ergonomic back rest with lumbar support
  • Linear ball bearings with graphite wheels
    for easy adjustment

Both Bikes

  • 381 mm (15”) touchscreen HDTV
  • Android or LED Console
  • Ergonomic handles
  • 25 levels of resistance
  • 16 programs
  • 15 languages


  • Pedals move from right to left and left to right in vertical and lateral motion
  • Allows for a much more intense cardio workout
  • Works 360 degrees of inner /outer thighs, abs and lower back
  • 16 resistance levels
  • 8 programs
  • Small foot print of 0.91 M X 1.21 M (3’ x 4’)
  • Self-generating
  • Large LED screen
  • Core to the floor cardio workout
  • No stress on knees, spine, or hips

Strength equipments

Stealth Series Specifications

  • Oval Tubing - made of 7 Gauge Steel, ASTM A-500 Grade B Structural Carbon Steel Tubing, all welds ground down and stress tested.
  • 8 mm x 111.12 mm (2” x 4 3/8”) Gas Assisted Seat Alignment
  • Solid steel weight stacks at 102 KG (225lbs) & come with a 2.26 KG (5 lbs) adjustable lever
  • Upholstery – we only use 40 oz commercial grade marine Naugahyde, US Federal Spec AA-2950A (surpasses CCCCA680a), US Federal Aviation Admin, FAR 25.853 (b), Appendix F Part 1 (a) (i) (ii) (v). 2 mm (3”) closed sell high density foam padding with 19.05 mm (¾”) plywood back support. 
  • To protect upholstery we only use seamless closures and dish covers
  • All welds are ground down to the frames.
  • All pivot points use double sealed radial bearings with steel housing to line up with user joints for proper biomechanics
  • 35 mm (¼”), 2,177 KG (4800 lbs) tested aircraft cable, military spec, galvanized and oil impregnated
  • Bearings mount to 25.4 mm (1”) steel shafts for maximum strength
  • ROM - Range of Motion & Limiter allows for exact alignment for start and end positions necessary for biomechanics and rehab work to fit any user
  • Pulley Wheels - 127mm & 152.4 mm (5” & 6”) reinforced fiberglass body with cable groove, oil dipped, double sealed racer ball bearings with 12.7 mm (½”) axis shaft. Sealed for moisture & dust proof, 6.35 mm (¼”) steel pulley housing, welded directly to the frame
  • Our variable resistance CAMs are laser cut to exact specifications from 6.35 mm (¼”) solid steel. This allows for proper positive & negative resistance throughout range of motion

Functional trainer

  • 2 each – 102.05 KB (225 lbs) Weight Stacks With Weight Shields
  • 11 Different Pulley Adjustments
  • Allows 1 or 2 Users
  • Over 35 Total Body Exercises
  • Unit Comes With A Multi Grip Chin Station
  • Accessory Holder
  • Pro Straight Rotating Bar For Squats, Arm Curls And Kicks
  • Optional Trak Handle Available

Outlaw rack system

  • 3" x 3"  7 Gauge steel frame. 
  • Angled front rack protects athletes/users knees during heavy squat or bench lifting. 
  • Numbered adjustment system. 
  • 2 - Adjustable safety catches w/protective coating. 
  • Double rack, Smith Machine combo. 
  • Dual adjustable functional trainers with 150 lb. weight stacks. 
  • Foot plates for rowing exercises. 
  • Chin up station.
  • Lat pull down/Low row with 435 lb. solid steel weight stack. 
  • Bright red colored pull knobs. 
  • Weight plate and bar storage. 
  • 1/4" nylon coated aircraft cable driven. 4800 lb. test 
  • Hundreds of exercise variations. 
  • Powder coat finish. 
  • Accessory storage.

Racks/cross fit: multi family - educational – military – government & more