Squash Courts

Sportina Platinum Prefabricated Wall System

SPORTINA always aims to offer variety of high quality international products approved by the concerned federations, considering a seasoned understanding of sports arena as per international techniques. Sportina offers the overall design concept for Squash Courts that are first class quality with low maintenance and also offer a completely freestanding system with no civil construction required. The importance of the design of the court cannot be determined. Our courts meet professional design specifications and will stand the test time as per the requirement of the client.

Sportina along with our German Partners – Courttech, who have an experience of more than 20 years produce courts which are high-tech products developed specially for the Sport of Squash. The quality of the walls is outstanding which is shown in the fact that we offer Squash Court walls with minimum 5 years Warranty. All combinations of components have been tested with standard scientific test procedures and specially developed test procedures according to the demands of the courts. 300 different test results were obtained, proving the outstanding quality and performance of our PREFABRICATED WALLS

Key features and advantages

  • Professional expertise in planning and construction
  • Client counselling
  • Wooden Flooring – Cushion System of minimum 70mm (EN Norm 14904 or similar)
  • Experienced team for installation
  • Prefabricated Walls can be completely demountable and re-usable
  • Homogenous Surface (No Joints)
  • Our walls are suitable for ALL climatic conditions
  • Sand Filled – Consistent ball bounce having sound control

M/s Courttech, Germany have been working in the world wide squash industry for more than 20 years with extended experiences in the construction of squash facilities. In corporation with the University Of Applied Science Of Rosenheim, Germany we have highly engineered squash court wall system based on the building technologies of prefabricated walls of the 21st Century have been developed.

Sportina - CourtTech Walls were tested in accordance to the WSF Specifications by Mr. Chris Herridge, the Technical Director of the World Squash Federation. The Courttechpre fabricated walls have been inspected time to time after a suitable period of play and have been granted Full Accreditation. Our courts are suitable for all levels of competition.

Quality of the prefabricated walls

  • Sportina - CourtTech system walls provide a 100 % flat playing walls with a consistent ball bounce and the required grip for the game of Squash in comparison to plaster walls where it is almost impossible to get a totally even and straight wall.
  • Sportina - CourtTech walls are painted three times giving a very professional appearance, regular and even colouring. As plastered walls are made by applying a moist mixture on a brick wall, when it dries out it has different colour shades according to how it reacts to the material of the wall behind.
  • Another item is the weather conditions. Our courts are suitable for all climates. Plaster courts are quite volatile and react negatively to humidity and temperature changes, which result in material movements and consequently in surface cracking. Something to keep in mind for India.

Our System

Prefabricated 94 mm walls – no civil construction required

We offer Full System: Sand-filled 94mm thick Independent walls which feature a great deal of advantage. Our full system front and side walls can be placed in middle of the Hall with no civil construction required and can be free standing. The surface of the finish walls is coated 3 times, flat and free of vertical joints.

In general these walls end up with out of play line. There are various options of closures from top of the system walls up to the bottom of the ceiling. Our walls make it possible to achieve a complete sound insulation from other areas of the building.

Prefabricated 40mm walls

The other type of the SportinaCourttech walls with 21mm thick RS high density pre.fab wall which is fixed on the existing building wall. This concludes to a total thickness of 40mm. The surface of the finished wall is coated 3 times and is flat and free of vertical joints.

These types of courts are the perfect solution for renovating existing squash court which has already been built earlier. By putting our 40mm thick Sand-filled walls over the existing walls decreases the width of the court WHICH IS IN accordance with the Squash court specifications of the WSF.

Sportina Gold Plaster Wall System

SPORTINA specializes in building traditional squash courts, in other words, finishing with the following materials:

  • Walls The structural work, usually in fast building blocks, is built by the customer (with our guidance). The walls are finished with a hard plaster and applied by own people with a lot of experience.
  • Wooden Flooring – Solid Wood + Pine Wood Battens Standard with a 22mm Hevea Rubber Wood finished floating floor on a wooden frame that can be adjusted in height.
  • Glass wall Glass wall with optimum visibility in 12 mm tempered safety glass and powder-coated aluminium parts.
  • Tin board High-quality sheet material with hardwood nose profile
  • Lighting Lighting according to the needs and budget of the customer