Indoor Sports Flooring - Wooden System

The flooring we offer are tested and approved according to EN 14904 – the European Standard for Sports Flooring, and both Portable and fixed sports floor systems all meet FIBA level 1 requirements.

Our sports flooring is

  • FIBA associated member and all floor systems – fixed and portable - are approved for competition levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Is a member of BWF
  • Is a member of IHF
  • Fully comply with the most stringent international standard EN 14904:2006
  • Tested by the Technological Institute of Denmark
  • Is marked CE in accordance with the EN 14342:2005+A1:2008 and EN 13629 standards

Perfected for optimum performance

The performance of a sports ¬floor is based on the interaction between the fl¬oor surface and a resilient sub-construction. The demands of the ultimate fl¬oor depend on the sport played. At every step of the process-of-creation has been optimized to deliver the ideal ¬floor performances, suitable for athletes in most indoor sports, and our solutions reflect this.

  • Our sports flooring is made of solid hardwood boards, designated as area elastic floors, providing optimum balance and stability.
  • Designed to provide optimum shock absorbency and resilience to athletes.
  • Perfected for fast ball games like basketball due to the high ball bounce level.
  • Processed to ensure optimum friction features, thus minimizing sport injuries.
  • Features heavy duty loading capacities way beyond the demands by the athletes.

Delivered through stringent processes

Developed with unique 22mm thickness solid hardwood boards and available in different wood species. Our sports flooring is developed through intensive and highly quality controlled processes.

  • Designed with finger jointed, glued stave joints, glued centre joint and sealed board ends and waxed edges.
  • Treated to offer better resistance against water, cleaning products and resin removers.
  • All boards are UV-lacquered on the surface and comply with EN 14904:2006 standard.
  • Optional high gloss available upon request. Backside lacquered for optimal moisture stability.
  • Special squash floor surface available.
  • Extensively moisture controlled and available in customised moisture levels to suit various climatic conditions.

Federation approvals

Standard sports flooring boards are available in beech, ash and hevea species. Other wood species including maple, merbau and white oak can be supplied on request.

Our wooden sports flooring is

  • Created to suit top level athletes in fast ball games as well as multipurpose users in most indoor sports.
  • Perfected for optimized shock absorbency, resilience, ball-bounce and friction complying with EN 14904.
  • Designed with better resistance against water, minimized long term maintenance routines and making it a highly cost effective solution.
  • Integrated with deformation controls that deliver maximum loading capacity and enable heavy duty usages.
  • Greater ROI (Return on Investment) for owners considering the total installation costs, durability upon surface renovations over the years and the expected lifetime of the floor system.

To decide on your optimum wooden sports flooring, all you need is to consider your aesthetic requirements, construction height and loading capacity.